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This is a unique opportunity. It will never be released at this price again.

What is The Ghost Pirate about?

The Ghost Pirate is a Play-2-Earn game connected with the blockchain technology through Binance Smart Chain. By taking advantage of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) feature to create unique characters and the Play-2-Earn functionality, players will be able to earn steady income while having fun with many game features.

What are the rewards?

Through the gameplay, players will collect GOLD, the in-game token that can be exchanged directly for $TGP tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the game.

This will be possible using the different NFT assets like the pirates, ships, and other that will be released in the near future. Every NFT asset has its own abilities and characteristics. There are several ways in which you can earn GOLD and $TGP tokens, some of them are:

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Port Raids

Your pirates will look for GOLD in the different ports around the seven seas.

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Trade pirates, ships or any other NFT to obtain a profit.

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Auctions of NFTs and other reliques 

By having unique and requested NFTs, you will be able to sell it in public auctions within the game.

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Crafting your own NFTs

Some futures features inside the game will allow you to craft your own ships and other NFTs in order to grow your fleet and obtain more rewards or sell it to other players for a profit.



Rewards are designed to be balanced


Cool, nice and unique digital assets, designed with passion

NFT Marketplace 

Free market for negotiation and transfer of gaming assets between players.


Play and get rewarded with $TGP tokens


The Pirate Captain, who has incredible skills and great vision to lead his crew of pirates in Port Raids, treasure hunts, finding gems and many other items, which are negotiable in the marketplace of the game.

PIRATES (crew)

The Pirates invade the seven seas in search of treasures and islands to be conquered. They will be able to obtain rewards according to their abilities. They are also can be traded in the marketplace.


Pirate's essential transportation method. Ships will be indispensable for every player in order to do the missions and obtain GOLD (the in-game token) and other future rewards. Of course, players will be able to trade NFT ships within the marketplace of the game.


In the near future new NFTs assets will be implemented in the game, that will give the player the possibility to craft their own NFT, obtain more rewards, and others benefits...


You can find additional information in the project's Whitepaper

Q4 - 2021

- Idea and conceptual development✅
- Team recruitment.✅
- Creation of the contract on blockchain.✅
- Official launch of the website.✅
- Publication of the Whitepaper and Roadmap.✅
- Negotiation with advisors.✅
- Token distribution, locking and vesting with smart contracts.✅
 - Presale of the token on✅

Q1 - 2022

- Token audit and KyC.✅
- Presale of NFTs assets.
- Public sale of token on PancakeSwap.
- Opening of the Marketplace.
- Launch of Port Raids (farm mode).

Q2 - 2022

- Opening of NFTs Public Auctions.
- Establishment of The Ghost Pirate Council (TGPC).
- Launch of PVE Mode 1.0.
- Launch of staking program.
- NFTs Fusion (improve elements and rarities).

Q3 - 2022

- Launch of PVP Mode 1.0.
- Mobile app of the game.
- Launch of new NFTs and features in the game.

Q4 - 2022

- New game modes.
- Launch of skins.
- The Ghost Pirate universe expansion, along with more uses of $TGP token.


You can find additional information in the project's Whitepaper. The distribution of the 100 million tokens will be as follows:

Gameplay Incentives - 40%

Liquidity - 12%

Marketing - 14%

Team and advisors - 11%

Development - 10%

Reserves - 6%

Pre Sale - 7%

Ship's crew

This is The ship's crew, who will take you to find treasures:

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Josemi Huertas

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Customer image

Mihail Millet

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Customer image

Julio Alfaro

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Customer image

Sebastian Marrou

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

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